A DAISY player for the visually impaired


  • Listen to audio books and music
  • Translate text into spoken words
  • Simple to learn; easy to use
  • Advanced navigation controls
  • Customize your listening environment

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A talking Bible for the visually impaired


  • Preloaded with your favorite Bible translation
  • Skip through text by book, chapter, and verse
  • Bookmark meaningful passages
  • Choose your preferred reading voice
  • Amazing dealer price

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What our customers are saying...

“I’m thoroughly enjoying this device since buying it. It’s redefined accessibility for me in particular regard to mobile reading and portability.” Mike K.

“Since having the BookCourier in January, I’ve read more books, and books that I wanted to read too, than I had in the last three years. I’m also reading them faster than my sighted wife could.” Ian M.

“I go absolutely nowhere without my BookCourier. I am an avid reader and academic and the thought of being anywhere without a book fills me with dread. With the BookCourier you can take a modest-sized library with you on the road.” Brian M.