Download Summary

Here is a description of the items you can download:

  • BookCourier Firmware. To update the BookCourier firmware, you must use the Check for Updates option in the Transfer Tool application. Click here for all the details about the BookCourier firmware.
  • Transfer Tool Software. Download Setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  • User Documentation. Download the following ZIP file and get the latest HTML files for the BookCourier User Guide, the Quick Reference, and the Transfer Tool User Guide as well as the Quick Start Audio file (an MP3 file):
  • Bibles. You can download a number of pre-formatted text files in the public domain from the BookCourier web site. Currently, the titles include the King James and World English translations of the Bible. Click here to read more about the Bible files.
BookCourier Tune-up
Springer Design will replace the keypad, check and replace the battery contacts, if necessary, and generally clean up the unit inside and out. This service costs $65 (US) and includes return shipping by Priority Mail. Just contact us at and we'll set up the service for you.