Bible Files

On this page you can download the King James and World English translations of the Bible. Each translation comes in two forms: one with chapter and verse numbers and one without. In both cases, you can navigate through the Bible by book, chapter, verse, sentence, and word. For Bible files with chapter and verse numbers, BookCourier announces all chapter and verse numbers as you listen to the file. While it may be nice to know exactly where you are in the file, some listeners may dislike hearing the chapter and verse numbers, especially when listening straight through the file.

For Bible files without chapter and verse numbers, BookCourier announces the chapter number once, at the beginning of each chapter, but does not announce the chapter and verse number for each verse. We uggest that you download both versions of the translation initially to see which one you prefer.

Each Bible translation is a ZIP file containing two BookCourier-ready files: an _DD file and an _IX file. After you copy the ZIP file to your PC and unzip the contents, you must copy the resulting files directly to BookCourier using My Computer. Click on the one of the following Bibles to download it:

Note: The Bible translations on the BookCourier web site are in the public domain. Please remember that many popular translations such as the NIV (New International Version) are copyrighted and therefore require the reader to pay a usage fee. As a result, Springer Design, Inc. cannot offer any copyrighted titles on the web site. You may be able to access these titles through or another organization that handles copyrighted materials.

BookCourier Tune-up
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