BookCourier was developed and manufactured by Springer Design, Inc. Back in the late 90s, Springer Design’s founder, Steve Gomas, designed and developed Road Runner, the first portable text-to-speech player for the visually impaired. Along with two other partners, he founded Ostrich Software, LLC to manufacture and sell Road Runner. Within a couple of years, the company disbanded and Steve created BookCourier as the next generation of text-to-speech players for the assistive technology market. The BookCourier product soon led to the development of BibleCourier, a pared down version of the original that contained just the Bible.

Springer Design is a consulting firm that specializes in embedded systems software — a fancy term for the software that lives inside a hardware device. Springer Design has been around for over ten years, a decade longer if you count the time before the company incorporated. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Springer Design has also enjoyed long term relationships with clients who are thousands of miles away. The company has experience in a wide variety of industries including assistive technology, medical devices, hand-held devices, technology, transportation, and traffic control.

BookCourier Tune-up
Springer Design will replace the keypad, check and replace the battery contacts, if necessary, and generally clean up the unit inside and out. This service costs $65 (US) and includes return shipping by Priority Mail. Just contact us at support@bookcourier.com and we'll set up the service for you.