Listen to the Bible wherever you are

Intrigued by the BookCourier, but only interested in hearing the Bible? BibleCourier has many of the great BookCourier features without the complexity of downloading books. In fact, you don’t even need a computer. BibleCourier already contains the Bible so there’s no need to transfer any files. Because BibleCourier contains only bibles, we’ve been able to streamline the product so that all the features are a perfect fit for the text of the Bible. No extra bells and whistles, just the features you need to find what you’re looking for in the Bible. This simplicity makes BibleCourier a great fit for the elderly or those with limited technology experience.


Choose your favorite translations

When you purchase BibleCourier, simply choose the Bible translations you prefer and we’ll load it into the player before we ship it to you. Once you start listening, it’s easy to press a button and skip through the Bible by verse, chapter, or book. You can also set bookmarks on your favorite passages so you can quickly revisit them.

User Documentation
For all the details about BibleCourier, you can read the user manual online.
Speech Sample
Wondering how BibleCourier sounds? Click here to listen to an excerpt.
Order Information
To purchase a BibleCourier, please contact the Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association. This organization subsidizes the cost of BibleCourier so that it is affordable for all.