For such a compact device, BibleCourier offers a surprisingly large number of features. Each unit comes with thorough documentation and support to make it easy to take advantage of BibleCourier’s many capabilities:

  • Your choice of translation, including King James, American Standard, New International, and many more. Contact our BibleCourier dealer to get all the details.
  • Advanced, built-in text-to-speech reader
  • Smart navigation for advancing by verse, chapter, or book
  • Virtually unlimited bookmarks in each book
  • Automatic bookmark that saves your place and lets you pick up
    exactly where you left off
  • Easy-to-use controls for adjusting voice type, reading speed,
    volume, and more
  • Spelling feature that allows you to spell words you cannot
  • Built-in sleep timer
  • Up to four weeks of normal use (40 continuous hours) with two
    AA batteries
  • Attached pocket clip
  • Built-in Talking Help for every key on the keypad and a built-in
    Talking User Guide that explains how to use all the features
User Documentation
For all the details about BibleCourier, you can read the user manual online.
Speech Sample
Wondering how BibleCourier sounds? Click here to listen to an excerpt.
Order Information
To purchase a BibleCourier, please contact the Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association. This organization subsidizes the cost of BibleCourier so that it is affordable for all.